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Where would we be without our written history? Here are some of the seminal Masorah books on my shelf.

Introduction to the Tiberian Masorah by Israel Yeivin

The Baal HaTurim Chumash

A Five Volume Treasure Trove of Masoretic interpretation, with marvelous, enlightening, and meticulous elucidation by Rabbi Avi Gold.

  • An essential book to own. Hebrew / English translation
    • English translation is excellent and readable
    • Footnotes are a scholar’s paradise
  • Purchase your copy from ArtScroll Mesorah Series:
  • Citation guide: Asher, Y.B., Touger, E., Gold, A., & Reinitz, Y.K. (2000). Baal HaTurim Chumash: The Torah with the Baal HaTurim’s classic commentary translated, annotated, and elucidated (Vol. 1). Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah Publications.

The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet by Rabbi Michael L. Munk

Sefer Tagin.

  • Essential text of the Masoretic tradition. Multiple versions extant.
  • One version from 1800s available on
  • Hebrew
  • Author unknown.
  • Please reach out to me if you know where I can get a copy of this text.

Torah Q’duma / תורה קדומה by Shaul ben Shalom

  • Published by Beit Dagan: Hudayafi, 2012. / בן שלום,שאול. 2012 .תורה קדומה. בית דגן: חודייפי.
  • Beautiful edition of the Chumash (Pentateuch) in the Yemenite Tradition.
  • First and only example of a printed bible with scribally accurate Otiot Meshunot that I have seen so far.
  • Purchased at a Yemenite book store in Bnei Brak, Israel.
  • In Hebrew. 2 volumes.

Torah Shelemah by Menahem Kasher

  • Marvelous and incredibly rich resource
  • Large number of Otiot Meshunot (extraordinary letter variations) found within
  • Available on
  • In Hebrew

Ochlah ve’Ochlah

  • List of repeated words/phrases in TaNaKh
  • In search of this text

Sefer Katon ve’Gadol

  • Book about the Large and Small letters in the Torah
  • In search of this text

Otiot d’Rabbi Akiva / אותיות דרבי עקיבא

  • Midrash on the letters of the Aleph Bet by Rabbi Akiva
  • Special, deeply significant, and multilayered text. Great for all levels of study: Beginners to Advanced.
  • Hebrew with English translations available
  • In search of excellent edition: please message me with any leads

Kriat Sefer by the Meiri

  • In search of this text. Please message me with any recommendations


Note: Library last updated Gimel Av, Taf-Shin-Pei-Aleph



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