Devorah Learns Masorah

Discover the mysteries of the Torah one letter at a time


Masorah refers to the system of notes and signs used to preserve the text of the Hebrew Bible, and the way it was written, from change. I like to think of it as the quality assurance system for the Torah.

Within the area of Masorah, there is a category of Hebrew letters found within the Torah scroll called “Otiot Meshunot”, or Atypical Letters. It is these letters which contain hidden meanings and timeless lessons for us, the reader. In my research and study, I am committed to discovering and exploring the meanings of some of the most rare and forgotten of these letters, which are as old as the Torah itself.

As a scholar of Jewish art, history, and culture, I have an abiding passion for Torah study. I find that when I approach Torah with modesty, and with my training in Jewish history, the history of the book & print culture, linguistics, calligraphy, and archaeology, I can come to understand, and appreciate, the biblical text even more deeply.

Come along with me on this journey of discovery and learn just how much wisdom is contained within each and every Hebrew letter of the Torah scroll…

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